Presidential Candidates Defend Immigration

Jan 1, 2022
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Welcome to The Deng Law Firm's comprehensive analysis of the presidential candidates' stance on immigration. In this article, we examine the candidates' policy proposals and their impact on immigration in the United States. As a leading law firm specializing in immigration and visas, we aim to provide you with a detailed overview of each candidate's position and help you understand the potential implications for immigrants and the nation as a whole.

Understanding the Importance of Immigration

Immigration has always played a significant role in shaping the United States. It has fueled innovation, strengthened the economy, and enriched the social and cultural fabric of our nation. As the 2020 presidential election approaches, immigration policies have taken center stage, becoming a crucial point of discussion among candidates and voters alike. Let's explore how the leading presidential candidates defend their immigration plans.

Joe Biden's Immigration Plan


Joe Biden's immigration plan aims to address the challenges faced by immigrants in the United States and create a more inclusive and fair system. Core elements of his plan include:

  • Creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
  • Reversing family separation policies
  • Protecting DACA recipients
  • Investing in border security measures
  • Streamlining the legal immigration process


Biden's proposed reforms seek to provide relief to undocumented immigrants, prioritize family unity, and protect vulnerable populations. By establishing a pathway to citizenship, millions of undocumented individuals could gain legal status, contributing positively to the economy and society.

Donald Trump's Immigration Agenda


Donald Trump's immigration policies have been a defining feature of his presidency. Key elements of his agenda include:

  • Strengthening border security, including the construction of a border wall
  • Restricting legal immigration through merit-based systems
  • Ending "catch and release" policies
  • Implementing travel bans
  • Enforcing stricter asylum regulations


Trump's emphasis on border security and restrictive immigration measures aims to prioritize national security and protect American jobs. Advocates argue that these policies safeguard American workers, while critics express concerns about the potential human rights implications and negative economic consequences.

Other Presidential Candidates and Their Immigration Stances

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren proposes comprehensive immigration reform that includes:

  • Creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
  • Ending family separation
  • Expanding legal immigration
  • Strengthening worker protections

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders advocates for immigration policies that prioritize:

  • Expanding DACA and protecting undocumented immigrants
  • Halting deportations
  • Implementing humane border policies
  • Creating a pathway to citizenship


It is crucial to understand the immigration stances of the presidential candidates as their policies will shape the future of immigration in the United States. The Deng Law Firm provides this comprehensive analysis to empower you with knowledge and facilitate informed decision-making. We recommend consulting with experienced immigration attorneys for personalized advice based on your unique circumstances. Stay informed, engage in the election process, and remember that immigration impacts us all.

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